You love chocolate? This pack is  for you! This assorted, chocolatey pack comes with 6 iconic candies! (Don’t worry, there is NO actual chocolate in these) One pack comes with, 1 butterfinger, 1 KitKat, 1 M & M, 1 kisses, 1 Twix, and 1 Reese’s!

Chocolate Craze

  • I do not accept refunds. I do not accept send backs. Treats are packed specially to survive travel, but there is nothing I can do about rough handlers. If something were to ever arrive cracked or broken, I promise, your horse will still love it, thank you!

  • Treats are baked to orders at most times, so they are the freshest and best quality for customers. Being said the expected arrival time can be as short as a few days to 2+ weeks after an order is placed, depending where you live.